Sonic and Amy is a popular ship by many Sonic fans.

Another name for this Couple is Sonamy.


In the gamesEdit

Amy tries multiple times to get Sonic's attention and runs after him a lot. Sonic seems to not share any feelings for her whatsoever. Sonic does care about Amy's safety and well-being and saves her from Dr. Eggman on multiple occasions.

In Sonic XEdit

In Sonic BoomEdit

Amy has feelings for Sonic and often leaves hints about this. Sonic sometimes seems to be confused about these hints, but he is hinted to know what she's doing. In the game, Sonic only sees Amy as a friend. However, in the show, it is hinted that Sonic may like Amy as more than a friend. This has yet to be confirmed.

Things in CommonEdit

  • Both are hedgehogs 
  • Both have green eyes
  • Both have a sidekick (Tails for Sonic and Cream for Amy)
  • Both can get jealous at times
  • Both can be very sassy