Tails x Zooey is a ship among Sonic boom fans
Tails and Zooey

In Sonic BoomEdit

In the episode "Tails' Crush" Tails falls in love with Zooey and asks Sonic for help. However, Sonic's advice didn't work well so Tails goes to Knuckles for help. Knuckles advice didn't help at all and Zooey was grossed out because Tails was eating red meat. Tails when to Amy next who said girls like romance and chivalry. Tails tried to impress Zooey by dressing like the Phantom of the Opera and telling her she smells. Zooey was creeped out and closed her window on him. Sticks told Tails he had to dance in public to show his dominance to the other males. This led Zooey to walking away from him. Dr. Eggman told Tails to take his advice however Tails didn't want to hear it. Eggman activates his giant robot which captures Zooey. Tails hopped into his plane and destroyed the robot and rescued Zooey. She told Tails he was amazing and gave him a kiss. 


Tails and Zooey have known each other for a while. At first Zooey was oblivious to Tails' affection for her, after he rescued her she fell in love with him. The two of them had started dating afterwards. It is unknown if they are still together or not.

Things in CommonEdit

  • Both are foxes
  • Both have yellowish fur
  • Both have blue eyes